Naiya Cassidy - Design / Illustration / Photography
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I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in helping small businesses put their best foot forward with responsive WordPress website design, ecommerce, photography, copywriting,  and marketing.

Your business's visual identity is an integral piece of initiating and building a successful relationship with your customers, clients and followers. An accessible, visually appealing website and branding that represents what you offer is only a small part of the process of 'branding'.

Branding is a strategy of artfully conveying the distinctive elements of the service, product, or gift that you're offering to the world - and applying it consistently throughout all points of contact.  

Helping my clients develop a strong brand identity - as well as opportunities for generating interest, traffic and sales - and ultimately helping them forge mutually beneficial relationships with their customers, fans or followers - is what I do best. I love helping passionate people get their message across beautifully. Let me help you build an eye-catching brand identity that cuts through the noise and gets you noticed. 

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